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Contest closed! Enter to win a $250 gift card for Xperience Kelowna!

Do you think you have what it takes to exit your escape room with time to spare?

Enter to win a $250 gift card to Xperience Kelowna and give it a go! There are also multiple chances to win a free 15-minute VR session.

With opportunities to play in an exciting escape room solving puzzles and overcoming challenges under a time crunch, a unique, realistic VR escape room, or cool VR arcade games where you are one with the surroundings and obstacles, it’s truly never a dull moment at Xperience Kelowna!

Grab some thrill-seeking friends and bring them over to take a shot at one of their exhilarating escape rooms. You will have the chance to work as a team to decipher codes and hints, make calculations and explore the whole room for secret messages and clues to unlock the keys to solving the entire mystery.

<who>Photo credit: Xperience Kelowna</who>

You and your crew will be challenged to use logic and craftiness to deduce solutions and put together puzzles swiftly. With only 60 minutes to escape, your squad will need to put on your thinking caps and make sure not to waste any time because every second counts!

If your group members have various skillsets, it will serve you well. Guesswork won’t get you far and they will help you solve the escape room before time is up. You can invite up to six people to join your team.

You can do a real-life escape room with Next Gen 2.0 technology, which means it has no locks, no keys and has 100% tech-based puzzles. Place objects in the correct spot and a door will open. Or maybe lasers will come out at you or someone will start talking to you! You never know what to expect next.

The Rise of Itzamna is currently the most popular real-life escape room offered. They say curiosity killed the cat, which you might be thinking when you enter the temple and realize that the door is locked behind you.

<who>Photo credit: Xperience Kelowna</who>

You could also fully immerse yourself in the adventure by trying out their Next Gen 3.0 technology, a fully VR escape room experience.

Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole into Alice’s magical world and fight the evil Queen of Hearts to save Wonderland with your friends.

<who>Photo credit: Xperience Kelowna</who>

When your close friend who’s investigating some mysterious disappearances suddenly goes missing, you decide you have to save her. Risking your life and your soul, you visit the old abandoned monastery where she was last seen.

<who>Photo credit: Xperience Kelowna</who>

Travel back in time to 1986 to try and try to figure out what caused the Chernobyl disaster. Is there a way out? Could it have been prevented? That’s up to you and your team to figure out.

<who>Photo credit: Xperience Kelowna</who>

There are so many virtual adventures just waiting to be explored that you won't know where to start first.

If escape rooms aren’t your thing, you can head over to their VR arcade and yourself in a variety of virtual reality adventures and games. Allow your senses to be the guide as you explore the edge of your imagination.

You could play your favourite classics like Fruit Ninja, Arizona Sunshine and Rec Room in the virtual world, or try something new like balancing on a plank 160 meters off the ground in Richie’s Plank Experience or climbing to the top of Mount Everest on Everest VR.

Difficulties vary from beginner to expert, so you and your friends can go just for fun or decide to challenge yourselves and see who carries the team to the end.

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