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Faces of Business Coaching: ActionEdge Business Coaching

Success in 2023 looks completely different than it did in 2019. Of course, the disruptor was the pandemic.

It changed the way we think, work, set goals, lead and define our accomplishments, achievements and happiness.

“Regardless of business size, executives and business owners post-pandemic are struggling with how to manage and lead in this new era,” points out ActionEdge Business Coaching senior executive coach and director of organizational psychology Ester Pike.

“Leaders have to become incredibly people-focused and work on engagement, leadership, systems and processes to provide staff and clients with what they need and want.”

Naturally, this is a tall, tall order. However, ActionEdge, Pike and executive business coach Kris Sigmeth are here to help.

ActionEdge has a whole suite of services to help executives be the best they can be – personalized online and in-person coaching and private and public executive programs, workshops, leadership training and development.

“Business coaching is unregulated, so it’s very much like the Wild Wild West out there,” said ActionEdge managing partner Jarrod Stanton with a laugh.

“We’re proud that everyone on our team is a dedicated and ActionCOACH-certified executive business coach. Ester and Kris are elite coaches and have an exceptional track record when it comes to success with clients.”

Kris loves working with the owners and managers of businesses to help them develop their leadership style and work culture.

“When you care, your employees care,” says Kris. “If you help your employees achieve their goals, they will help your clients and business achieve theirs"

Kris likes leaders to commit to executive business coaching for a year so they can determine what’s important to them personally and professionally, put the processes in place to make it happen and test and measure results along the way.

“Involve your teams in the processes,” says Kris. “It’s all about teamwork and alignment. Find out what your employees want and get their buy-in for personalized, customized work tasks and rewards.” Ester echoes the sentiment.

“The pandemic changed what motivates people,” says Ester. “Time, energy and effort has become a lot more important to workers. They want reason and purpose and that requires a perspective shift on the management side.”

Many people believe the post-pandemic work crisis is remote work vs. in-office work vs. hybrid work. “Actually, success is not the number of bodies in the office, success is the engagement and productivity of employees,” says Ester.

“Some businesses can be fully remote, others have to be all in-office and some can be hybrid. The key is a clear vision from management, with employee engagement, of what’s needed to achieve success for everyone.”

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