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Faces of Environmental Services: Ecora

With transparency, knowledge, and a deep moral core for environmental stewardship, Ecora strives to make a better future for all the communities it works in – changing the world at a local level.

Ecora’s environmental team are conscientious hard workers that offer a broad range of multidisciplinary services.

Its experience working with First Nation communities and their members allows them to foster relationships that are built on respect, communication, and transparency.

Ecora engineering, environment and natural resource consulting has an unwavering commitment to the environment and its expertise can be used to foster environmental stewardship that strives for balance with social and economic values.

Ecora itself offers a large range of services from engineering, resource analysis and geographic information mapping services, to name just a few.

Being able to work closely with so many different services gives Ecora the experience to be knowledgeable about all aspects of environmental services.

The environmental team is built with members who have very strong core values that allow it to be a transparent steward of the land.

Being able to work with so many disciplines also allows the team to be able to work with all types of clients, big or small.

Ecora’s environmental team has a wide range of clients from First Nations communities, government, industry, land developers and the private landowners.

The team doesn’t have a typical client, thus allowing them to be experts in a wide variety of environmental services.

The geographic location of Ecora’s offices (Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Kamloops, Prince George, Chilliwack, Surrey and Vancouver) allows it to complete multi-environmental projects.
It would like to expand more into complex multi-disciplinary projects at all levels of government.

Everyone on the team has a passion for environmental stewardship and wanted to be able to make a change and difference in our surroundings.

Each team member is interested in different subjects such as fish, wildlife, plants, ecosystems, and entomology to name just a few.

This allows the team to be accomplished in so many fields.

Each team member chose a path early in life that allows them to follow Ecora’s environmental ethics and morals and share this path with fellow team members and our communities by participating in stream clean ups, First Nation community events and tree planting as well as other programs and events.

Helping with preserving the environment and traditional ways of life is one of the main driving forces for the team.

The combination of field work and office work, which both offer dynamic, problem-solving opportunities for lifelong learning situations that change daily, offer team members flexibility in pursuing career interest in their respective fields.

As environmental expectations get higher and higher, such as more-stringent permitting and more-realized social environmental morals, such as climate change, Ecora, as a leader in the environmental field, will have to adapt and guide its clients to a better future.

Also, with Truth and Reconciliation now a driving force throughout Canada, our relationships with First Nations helps us better understand and address these issues.

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