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How do you connect with people who are not 'like you?'

How do you connect with people who are not "like you?"

If you and your team want to create more inclusive spaces within your organization, be sure to attend the Cultivating Authentic Leadership Conference on May 13th and 14th at the Metro Hub in Kelowna.

Join 20 diverse speakers from across Canada who will identify ways to help build your inner confidence, support change, and how to navigate uncomfortable conversations.

Denise Young, CEO of Tiger's Eye Advisory Group states, "DEI has become contentious, and rightfully so — it has shamed and blamed, and has become increasingly divisive.

We are all leaders and have the ability to support and drive change. That’s why we are ushering in a different and important community conversation that holds transformative potential".

This event is about talking with you and having a dialogue versus some of the typical training where you feel shamed and blamed.


So what?

  1. Inclusive environments are crucial for learning and growth, as they bring together people from different genders, races, abilities, and more.

  2. Diverse gatherings encourage the exchange of unique perspectives, enhancing understanding and collaboration among participants.

  3. Perspectives shared in such settings can help shift from an 'us vs them' mindset to a more collective 'we' approach, fostering inclusivity.

What will you walk away with?

  1. During this two-day immersive learning conference, we will identify ways to be comfortable in “tension” and how to build our inner confidence to support change.

  2. The goal is to foster learning from different perspectives to create change and promote unity.

How will I learn:

Immersive presentations and workshops that will include practical takeaways, reflections and experiential learning activities.

What is included? A workbook, knowledge from 22 diverse speakers, beverages, snacks and lunch!

Register at:

Ticket prices: Varies, one-day ticket options available!

Let's have a conversation!

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