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The Faces of Dentistry: Honce Dentistry

The Honces are stoked.

"Definitely, the Solea laser is yet another fantastic addition in both the convenience and comfort in delivering care for our patients," says Dr. Mark Honce of Honce Dentistry.

“It really is an amazing piece of technology. It was one of those advances in our profession that aligns perfectly with what we have already established with our clinic over the past decades.”

Honce Dentistry has always taken pride in being at the forefront of technology and believes it’s a critical component in providing the best in treatment for its patients.

“What’s unique about this technology, though, is the tech is purely for the benefit of the patient experience,” says Dr. Mark.

“The laser can, in many instances, replace both the freezing needle and dental drill for a lot of the simple dental restorations that, in the past, we would have had to freeze for. We’ve found that most patients say Solea gives them, at most, a totally tolerable ‘cool sensation’ during the treatment and that’s it!”

The Solea laser pulses at a wavelength that actually does two things at once.

As the laser is pulsing, it is sedating the pain receptors while simultaneously removing the targeted tooth structure.

This allows the removal of cavities from teeth completely anesthesia-free many times, which is a remarkable advancement in treatment.

"Busy people, especially businesspeople, really appreciate appointments that can eliminate the post hassle of being frozen” says Dr. Myles Honce.

“When we administer anesthetic, we know that talking, eating, and the loss of facial muscle tone interfere with people simply leaving our office and carrying on with their busy lives and businesses. It’s about eliminating all of those issues when it can be utilized.”

Yes, anesthetic will most likely be a necessary component for the majority of patient treatments. “I think the goal of eliminating as much of its necessity as we can will be hugely appreciated by our patients going forward, though,” says Dr. Myles.

“We’ve had patients leave after having Solea treatment and tell everyone in their family and friend groups about how it made their treatment simpler and more enjoyable. It’s a huge paradigm shift in the ease of delivery for certain types of treatment.”

The team at Honce Dentistry will be opening their new dental practice in the recently completed Landmark 7 tower in early 2023.

“We can’t wait to continue to provide high-end cosmetic, implant and comprehensive general dental services in this type of showcase office,” says Dr. Mark.

“I think this new space shows our continued commitment to trying to maximize patient care and making the most beautiful dentistry that we can possibly provide.”

The team at Honce Dentistry are currently welcoming all new patient inquiries.

Their services range from comprehensive aesthetic dental treatments, to dental implant placement and general dental care…and now Solea treatments, too!

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