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The Faces of Financial Solutions: Maurice Matte, Brad Wendt and Chris Matte

Matte & Associates Financial Solutions’ strength in communication will guide you and your finances through the good times and the bad, through the highs and the lows.

Their firm prides themselves in always showing up for their clients.

“When market conditions are difficult, however, being present and proactive is especially important for our team” says founder and president, Maurice Matte.

“Going further, our firm has dramatically ramped-up client communications, as we are facing one of the most difficult investment market cycles in a long time.

In response, we keep our clients informed with originally written articles, curated videos, industry presentations, newsletters, exclusive client education events, and portfolio manager meetings.”

Matte & Associates has served clients for nearly three decades, so the firm has walked this journey before.

They remain stalwartly committed to helping clients navigate tough markets with measured wisdom.

As a boutique firm, Matte & Associates offers a broad range of financial planning services and innovative products and strategies to properly position clients for the present, plan for their retirement, and fill in any gaps that exist in between.

“We have access to innumerable investment, banking, and insurance tools to implement plans stemming from the simplest to the most complex,” says Chris Matte, an advisor in the firm.

Matte & Associates also has a client-first mentality.

They live what they profess and employ the same strategies for themselves as they do for their clients.

In other words, Matte & Associates operates by the proverbial ‘Golden Rule’ and is deeply driven to help people achieve their goals.

“We have a proven track record of making impactful and positive enhancements to our clients’ financial health,” says advisor Brad Wendt.

“Through the implementation of iterative financial plans, we continue to evolve and track year after year. We are resolutely steadfast in service to our clients through all stages of their financial journey, from wealth accumulation to retirement income and eldercare.”

As such, over three decades of service, Matte & Associates has been tremendously successful in serving successive generations of clients.

With some family client relationships already four generations deep, this company is clearly doing something right.

“It’s important to note that our work extends far beyond performance and rates of return on investments,” says Maurice.

“Real value is achieved by collaborating with our clients’ other professional advisors to provide the best strategy on taxation, real estate, banking, and legal advice. When coordinated well, these strategic partnerships can make significant improvements over a

traditional siloed approach. We remain ready and confident to assist our clients as their first point of contact for all major decisions affecting their financial affairs.”

As an undivided team of three advisors, Matte & Associates dares to be different.

“Quite often financial advisors will shy away from recommending clients use their investment capital to fund other opportunities such as real estate, business acquisitions or buying a second home because such suggestions are not profitable to the advisor,” says Chris.

“We operate differently. Being business professionals who have multiple enterprises and investments ourselves, we see the tremendous value in diversifying our clients amongst a multitude of potential areas as appropriate to their unique situation.”

We can run multiple planning scenarios through sophisticated software which helps with our professional recommendations and enables our clients to review many different potential situations, according to Brad.

Through ongoing client correspondence, educational events, and a strategic approach to investing, Matte & Associates works diligently to offer the best levels of financial advisory and administrative services in the marketplace.

They invest heavily in their human resources, education, and technology and trust that their efforts yield the best possible results.

Everything they do is in their clients’ best financial interests—from who they hire and partner with, to the research they conduct, the strategies they develop, and how they interact with their clients.

While Matte & Associates’ investment approach is structured and disciplined, it is also designed to account for the reality of dynamic markets.

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