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How to believe in your own worth

Trauma has a way of causing us to get in our own way and that can leave women feeling stuck.

“I spent my early mom years always putting my own wants and needs on the backburner,” Jennie explains. “I felt like I had to prove myself as a young mom, and like so many other women, I felt like putting my kids, husband and household first was what I ‘should’ do. But all that ended up doing was create extreme stress and anxiety.”

Jennie’s journey initially included a big physical transformation, which led her to start her own coaching business where she helped women repair their relationship with food and put themselves first.

“I realized that those who had the most long lasting results were the ones who were learning from my spiritual practices,” Jennie says. “Seeing the successes of my clients opened me up to the intuitive gifts that had been slowly emerging over the course of my journey.”

Committed to using her gifts and following her purpose, Jennie changed her entire business and created Sacred Self Empowered. She now helps other women explore their triggers and traumas so they can navigate from a place of burnout and anxiety to a reconnection with their true self.

“Sacred Self Empowered helps women release themselves from the generational trauma and cycles that are keeping them stuck so they can strengthen their own intuition and reconnect with their true self—their higher self,” Jennie explains.

Through her 16 week online coaching program and annual mastermind program, free and paid masterclasses and retreats (two day one-on-one and three-to-five day group), Jennie empowers women to push past the fear that’s been holding them back and realize how much power lies in putting themselves first.

She knows firsthand that this is easier said than done.

“When I had my first child at age 19, it brought a lot of my childhood trauma to the surface,” says Jennie. “Even though on the outside it looked like things were going well, my family was happy and my business was doing well, I wasn't coping in healthy ways for many years. After having my second child at 24, it kind of happened all over again.”

Jennie knew something had to change. “I felt like I was repeating the same cycles for my children that left me feeling angry and resentful about my own childhood.”

She sought psychiatric support, got her first fitness coach and saw a psychic for the first time, who led her down her spiritual path.

“Working on my mind, body and soul simultaneously allowed me to come to a place of self love and compassion.”

Knowing there were so many other women out there struggling with generational trauma and anxiety fueled Jennie’s shift to spiritual alignment coaching.

“I had so many limiting beliefs about myself and my capabilities as a result of my trauma,” she says. “I am passionate about empowering other women to explore their shadows and push past their ego and limiting beliefs so they can fully come into alignment with their true authentic self.”

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