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If a journey seems scary, that’s because it’s worth it.

Today, Tara Greer is the owner of Bliss Yoga Lounge, a Kelowna yoga studio that offers heated and non-heated classes for all levels as well as a variety of workshops, events and training sessions. But before Tara discovered yoga, she was quickly climbing the corporate ladder at a major bank.

“I had no intention of switching careers,” she says. “I decided to start teaching yoga classes on the side so I could do a little more of something I loved.”

But as she dove deeper into her yoga practice, she felt a calling that changed the trajectory of her life.

“It was a heart-led journey I just knew I had to take,” Tara explains. “I just felt like I had to put a mask on at the bank—wearing the suits and high heels just wasn’t for me.”

After quitting her job, Tara started a new role at Lululemon, where she says she was encouraged to get clear about her vision and goals through personal and professional development.

One of those goals was to own a yoga studio within ten years—a dream Tara was prepared to work for no matter what.

Soon, the opportunity arose to make the dream a reality, although the timing was less than ideal.

“It was after the first round of COVID shutdowns in 2020, and I had just had my first baby,” she explains. “My partner and I walked by a ‘For Lease’ sign on the yoga studio I used to go to. I was definitely not thinking about starting a business at the time, but it just felt like the right decision.”

This start to Tara's journey as a small business owner wouldn't come without challenges. Like countless other businesses, Bliss Yoga Lounge was shut down multiple times due to COVID restrictions, the first time after only four months in operation.

Unlike other businesses, one of the shutdowns resulted in something arguably even worse.

“During the last time the studio was closed, there was a really bad flood in the building,” Tara explains. “Nobody was there to catch it, so the results were pretty severe. We couldn’t operate out of the space for nine months.”

On top of all these challenges, Tara and her partner were busy at home raising their children and navigating all the additional challenges the pandemic posed for families.

But none of this stopped Tara from finding a way to continue serving her clients.

“We ran classes out of one of our instructor’s backyard for a while, and rented a temporary space to teach out of once we were allowed to be back indoors.”

Bliss Yoga Lounge, Tara is happy to report, is back up and running today, with more business than ever before. She’s even writing a book of inspirational readings for individuals and yoga instructors to use as daily affirmations.

“Sticking it out through all of that was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done,” she admits. “But I just want other women and other moms to know that you can make a change in your life or career, even if it feels impossible. If a goal is both scary and exciting, that means it’s a goal worth pursuing.”

Tara’s book, Exploration to Essence is available for purchase on Amazon.

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