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Protect your bong or your wine bottle with this inflatable bag

The B-Bag is equally effective hauling and protecting your bong as it is your wine bottle.

"That's why we call it the B-Bag," said B-Bag inventor and designer Kanda James of Kamloops-based Armoured Labs with a laugh.

"You know, 'B' for bong and 'B' for bottle. If you have a $100 glass bong or a good bottle of wine, you want to keep it safe"

</who>Kanda James of Armoured Labs in Kamloops invented the B-Bay, the inflatable carrier that can protect either your bong or your bottle of wine.

The bag started its life called the Air Pump Tech Bong & Bottle Transportation Bag, but that name was going to be too long and complicated for pot smokers and drinkers, so it was shortened to the catchy B-Bag.

Armoured Labs touts the B-Bag as a "world first" for its three layers of protection.

First there's the sturdy, but soft-sided, cylindrical carrying case with shoulder strap.

Second, there's six millimetres of foam.

And then third, and most importantly because this is James' unique invention, a built-in hand air pump to create a snug and pressurized pocket of air to protect the bong or bottle.

B-Bags come in five colours from basic black to hot pink.

</who>The B-Bag passed the Military Drop Test of being dropped eight feet on all sides without any breakage.

"Our air-pump technology is based on the concept that LA Gear Shoes used in the 1990s with that little air pump in the tongue of the shoe to add a layer of cushioning," said James.

The idea for the B-Bag came to James suddenly at the start of the COVID lockdown when he and business partner Michael Potts went looking for the best bong transportation bag as a gift and couldn't find a good one.

So, James invented and designed one for commercial production.

"Both myself and Michael are uber excited to offer another useful product that can be utilized by those who travel, hike or need a trendy and sexy bag to transport their fun," said James.

The B-Bags are being made now, but production has been delayed by the pandemic.

Bags are expected to be ready for sale in the summer.

But in the meantime, pre-orders are being taken at

Go to 'Contact' on the website and fill out the form with your details so Armoured Labs can get in touch with you when the bags are ready so it can take payment and have the bag shipped out to you.

The expected retail price is $89 or $99.

</who>The B-Bag holds and protects a bong of up to 14 inches or a bottle of alcohol of up to one litre.

"We also have a lot of interest from cannabis supply distributors who want to get the B-Bag into stores," said James.

"We'll focus on the B-Bag for bongs market first in North America and then Europe and Australia as their cannabis laws ease. And then we'll hit the wine-lovers travel market."

Armoured Labs has lots of other products, too.

It developed and sells Surf and Snow in $60 spray bottles, a ceramic coating solution and wax substitute for paddleboards, surfboards, hydrofoils, sails, skimboards, skis, snowboards and downhill snow toys.

It also has an invisible ceramic liquid product to coat glass bongs, ski goggles and sunglasses to protect them from scratches and breakage.

James also has Kamloops-based FEI Boardsport, a niche seller of paddleboards, surf skates, SUP skates and hydrofoils.

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