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What it’s like to live in a Kelowna micro home

Micro and tiny houses are gaining popularity in Kelowna as more and more builders and developers are setting up miniature communities in the city.

Emilie Mann and her boyfriend, both 23, recently moved in to a 315 square foot tiny house of their own.

It may be small, but it’s resourceful, with a washing machine that doubles as a dryer and a ‘bedroom’ that is really just a bed, separated from the living room area with a single wall.

“It was pretty interesting trying to fit the bed in here,” said Mann. “[We] didn’t know if it was going to fit.”

Mann said at first, they didn’t set out to find a micro home, but it just seemed to fit.

“I thought it was kind of a cool idea and it’s very affordable, which is awesome,” continued Mann. “I was a little bit nervous about moving in, if I was going to be able to fit all the things, but somehow it worked out.”

Part of the push to move into a micro home, also came from the difficulty the couple came across trying to find an affordable place to rent in Kelowna. They rent the tiny home for $700 a month, and for another $100 a month it would come furnished.

“Looking around for suites and stuff, if you weren’t sharing like a two or three bedroom, it’s very expensive to get a single bedroom suite,” said Mann.

She said when you consider the time you spend in your house, if you’re busy, then the need for space kind of disappears.

“Personally for myself, I’m out and about a lot. If you think about the amount of space in a regular sized home that you don’t actually use, it’s a good way of living small,” she said. “You don’t really use all the space that you normally live in.”

“I like it, it’s enough.”

When asked if she would recommend a tiny house to others, Mann said she definitely would, although maybe not for a large family.

If you’re looking for a micro suite in Kelowna there are various options hitting the city including Worman Homes, HONOMOBO and The Little House Contracting Corp.

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