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DC vs. Marvel: A Kelowna tattoo shop is hosting a themed flash day on Friday

Kelowna Tattoo Collective is having a DC versus Marvel Flash Day on June 16.

The tattoo shop had a “spur of the moment” Star Wars versus Star Trek Flash Day last month, inspiring the second event of its kind.

<who> Photo Credit: Kasen Foxx

“When we were doing that one, we all started talking about doing other really fun themed flash days, and DC versus Marvel is one of the ones that came up,” explains Kasen Foxx, the head tattoo artist.

“I’m a big nerd and I think most people are nerdy about something, so let’s share our nerdiness and have a good time in a very chill, very inclusive space.”

Each artist will offer a selection of their DC and Marvel designs, with some intended to be used only once and others that can be repeated.

One of the artists, Jill Hughes, strictly does stick and poke tattooing.

“It adds a little variety,” Foxx says. “She’s very good at what she does.”

The minimum cost of a tattoo is a flat rate of $100, and it will be a cash-only event.

“I think the most fun thing that we are doing is that we’re actually going to keep count of how many DC tattoos we’ve done and how many Marvel tattoos we’ve done,” Foxx explains, adding that each tattoo equals one point.

“At the end of the day, we’ll see which fans win with who’s more hardcore.”

The first-come, first-served event is scheduled to begin at 11 am and will run until at least 6 pm.

On the day of, Kelowna Tattoo Collective will also offer bookings for the DC and Marvel tattoos in the following days at the same price.

“We draw them because we like them, so we would love to get to do every single one of them.”

Kelowna Tattoo Collective, located at 1333 St. Paul St, plans to host a flash day every one or two months.

Foxx adds: “We like to be a place where everybody can come and laugh and hang out and feel inspired and have fun with art.”

The event page can be found on Facebook.

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