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Kelowna Santas teen gift ideas

People have been incredibly generous this year and Kelowna Santas, Kelowna Toyota, Secure-Rite and Emil Anderson Construction are very thankful for all the contributions.

For those who are still wanting to donate but are unsure of what is needed, a majority of registered kids are ages 8-17 this year.

Tons of donations have been received for babies and toddlers, but teens are in need of gifts.

We know how tough it can be finding gifts for teenagers so we have compiled a list of 10 gift donation ideas that are guaranteed to be hits this Christmas.

  1. Board and Card Games

<who> Photo Credit: Walmart Canada </who>

This could be Clue, Monopoly, Blokus, Skip Bo, or any other game that looks like fun and would be appealing to a kid in their early double digits. Quantum Games is a local game store with great selection!

  1. Colouring Book & Pencil Crayons

<who> Photo Credit: Indigo </who>

This works for any age. There are colouring books aimed at younger kids which are playful and cartoon-like, but there are also more mature colouring books that have become popular for teenagers as a way to calm anxiety and relax.

  1. Room Decor

<who> Photo Credit: Best Buy <who>

Most kids like their room to be personalized and fun items such as glow in the dark stars or LED lights that change colours are super cool!

  1. Mini Sport Sets

<who> Photo Credit: Walmart Canada </who>

Mini basketball hoops, mini soccer balls, mini sticks for hockey or a different mini sport is guaranteed to be fun.

  1. Self-Care Products

<who> Photo Credit: Sephora </who>

Self-care items such as fun facial masks, body scrubs, candles, scrunchies and other products along the same lines would make for a great gift.

  1. Books

<who> Photo Credit: GoodReads </who>

Books are popular for kids and have many different options. For example, a book that is popular within a specific age group or written by a well-known author would do well. Journals or diaries could be a good idea as well. Browse at your local bookstore and pick anything that looks interesting!

  1. Gift Cards

If you want a simpler gift to donate, gift cards are a great option as well! A cool local business, coffee shops or store outlets are good places to start.

  1. Small Games

<who> Photo Credit: Staples </who>

Anything small and easy to play around with like yo-yos, a Rubik’s Cube, or even little Lego sets are good contributions!

  1. Disposable Camera & Photo Album

<who> Photo Credit: London Drugs </who>

Gifting a disposable camera or two along with a cute, little photo album would be very thoughtful and fun for a teenager who wants to capture their memories!

  1. Hobby Inspired

<who> Photo Credit: Opus Art Supplies </who>

A gift that relates to a hobby such as baking, art, fishing and many others will give teens a pastime, develop skills and be tons of fun!

Supporting Kelowna's local businesses is encouraged!

To drop off your gift, click here to see the drop locations.

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