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Top Kelowna outdoor parks for dogs

Having recently emigrated, Kelowna is like a delectable box of assorted chocolates. There are a plethora of places to discover. It’s refreshing and exciting to explore a new hometown and seeing it through the eyes of a dog elevates it to a whole new level of enchanting. In this case, it’s our Great Dane pup named Tobias (his friends call him Toby).

Toby has proven that Kelowna defines the true meaning of living a dog’s life. He’s embracing life to the fullest while growing into his oversized paws and ears. Here are Toby’s favourite places to visit rated on a wag-o-meter scale of 1 (tail tucked in) to 5 (a blur of wags).

Lake Avenue Dog Off-Leash Beach

124 McTavish Avenue

Toby wag-o-meter: 3.5

<who> Toby and Holden </who>

Quaint, cute, with the experience differing depending on the time of day. It can be really quiet or a busy bustle. It's the first place Toby ventured into the lake, so it’ll always be a milestone memory. On the downside, it's where we've encountered the majority of dog sneers and snaps – not ideal when your dog is off-leash. It is where Toby first met Holden, a fellow Great Dane and a consummate gentleman. He even recently stayed over with Holden for a sleepover!

Poplar Point Off-Leash Dog Beach

589 Poplar Point Drive

Toby wag-o-meter: 3.8

<who> Toby at Poplar Point Off-Leash Dog Beach </who>

This was the first off-leash beach Toby ever visited. It was cuteness overload and pure puppy joy as he romped on beach sand for the first time. He has since learnt to brave the lake and enjoys wading out thanks to the shallow water that extends far out – great for a pup that isn’t yet ready to tackle doggy-paddle. It's small, but somehow that makes it extra special.

Mission Dog Park

1085 Lexington Drive

Toby wag-o-meter: 4.2

<who> Toby and Hank having fun </who>

Toby has visited here as a teeny pup (well, by Dane standards), and now at five months. While there isn't the beauty of the lake and a beach, it is a great place to socialize with other dogs in a full-fenced area. While Toby is still learning to listen to instructions, the fence makes this dog park a far more relaxing experience. He can run and play freely while I chat to a local or two. This is where Toby met Hank. Let's just say that the combo of a Toby and Hank was priceless.

Cedar Creek Dog Park

5167 Lakeshore Road

Toby wag-o-meter: 4.6

<who> Toby at Cedar Creek Dog Park </who>

Clean, clear water with smooth rocks that Toby was easily able to navigate. The people were friendly, and the dogs were all wags and lolling tongues. The lookout is breathtaking, and there's a generous amount of beach to run along. Toby managed to stumble and almost fall off a low wall, but Danes aren’t exactly known for their nimbleness.

Mission Creek Regional Park

2363 Springfield Road

Toby wag-o-meter: 4.8

<who> Toby exploring the pond at Mission Creek Regional Park </who>

Toby loves foliage. To eat, that is. I think this may well be why his tail was a blur of joy. If I had a tail, it would also have been wagging – not because I eat foliage but because of food for the soul. Turtle pond is mother nature showing off; however, this is an example of the journey being as rewarding as the destination. It’s magnificent from start to finish. Added bonus: Toby had such a great time that he slept for the rest of the day, and I could get some work done.

Sun-Oka Dog Beach

Okanagan Highway, Summerland

Toby wag-o-meter: 4.9

<who> A very happy Toby at Sun-Oka Beach </who>

Toby's tail nearly wagged right off. There's space to run for days, and the lake swimming made me feel youthfully free and invigorated. We went with friends and lounged on the beach for a full morning. Toby made more furry friends, and it's when he first discovered that lakes are basically giant water bowls. He also kept dunking his snout and blowing bubbles, much to his (and our) delight.

Tiki time Tours Pontoon Boat Hire

Toby wag-o-meter: 5

<who> Toby on the pontoon <who>

We don’t have a boat, so we did the next best thing and hired one. This day was next-level memory-making. Diving into the lake, listening to music, snacking on some delicious goodies, and breathing in picture-perfect surroundings. Bliss! Toby donned a lifejacket that he didn't look too impressed about, but he had THE best day. Jowls flapping in the breeze and dips in the lake get this activity a 5/5 rating from both us and Toby.

We’d love to know your favourite places to visit. We don’t want to miss out on a thing! Kelowna, thank you for your beauty and magical lifestyle.

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