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VIDEO: Former Mountie campaigns for a seat on Kelowna City Council

A retired cop is hoping his career in policing will help him serve in the role of city councillor.

When Chris Williams left the RCMP after 23 years, he didn't go quietly.

He re-emerged accusing the top brass of covering up when senior members get into trouble.

Williams appeared in a documentary by CTV's W5 which raised questions about the RCMP's investigation into the 2016 drowning death of Arlene Westervelt in Okanagan Lake.

"I think there is a lack of accountability at the top," said Williams.

"It is important that those leaders are brought before the people to answer questions that are difficult."

And he believes Kelowna's city council needs a shake-up.

"I think that we need a change," said Williams.

"I think I have ideas and my background lends well to that. I think I can bring a lot, based on my policing background to the conversation."

On the subject of Kelowna's high-rise building trend, he's cautious.

"I understand the fact that we need to have more densification of housing," he said.

But he suggested that there hasn't been much there for the average home buyer.

"There are middle-class people, people that are lower-class that are looking for affordable housing and I think it's really important that they not get ignored in the conversation."

He also questions the pace of it all.

"We can't grow up too fast without having proper infrastructure."

On homelessness, he said we need more innovative solutions, but he's hesitant on calls for a return to the institutionalized care that was common decades ago.

"I think we have to be very careful with that, with people's liberties," said Williams.

"But I do think that there may be some merit when we have people that are clearly causing a continued risk to themselves and to the public."

He plans to put out a detailed platform in the weeks ahead.

Voters have until October 15th to look it over.

To check out all of the candidates, visit KelownaVotes 2022.

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