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Beyond The Container – The Power of Being A Values-Driven Business

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Helen Keller once said, “the only thing worse than being blind is having sight with no vision”. A business is only as strong as the purpose, identity, and vision it rests upon. Beyond the typical day-to-day number-crunching and sales goals, what does the soul of your business look and feel like, what values do you embody, and what is the impact you dream of making through your business? A common misconception is that vision and values are the same as your goals or objectives, however this is not true. Your goals and objectives come from the head, whereas your vision, values and purpose come from your heart.

Values are more than just a series of words and declarations displayed on a plaque. When used as the starting point to your roadmap for any idea or challenge, they are powerful and help to inform the priorities and approaches you take to your people, processes, and doing so in a way that upholds a standard that is truly a cut-above.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS)

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Secure-Rite’s roadmap is driven by the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), a ‘people operating system’ that harnesses human energy through a simple set of tools and principles, creating traction as we move together towards our common goals. These concepts and tools keep us aligned with our vision, purpose, core values, and continuous pursuit of our goals, improving processes, accountabilities, and cohesion across the board.

These six elements are where the “traction” rubber meets the road:

1. Vision: Our team is inspired and unified by a shared purpose – this purpose combines our passion for people with what we are really good at, “Secure-Rite brings people and portable space together in creative and meaningful ways”.

2. People: Having the right people in the right seats and nurturing a culture of accountability and inclusivity. People matter most.

3. Data: Focusing on the metrics and desired results that will allow us to remain agile and efficient in our operations, and serving our people and communities well.

4. Issues: Though this tends to have a negative connotation, issues are merely unrealized opportunities that will close a gap and make your work more efficient. Our team works together to identify a “snag” or gap, line it up with a realistic and desirable outcome, and ensure the right people are at the table to collaborate and tackle an issue from all sides – issues are not taken off of the list until resolved and communicated.

5. Process: Ensuring that the way we do things continues to align with what our clients, staff, partners, and what we expect of ourselves – the “Secure-Rite Way”. Our three uniques are the North Star for ensuring the Secure-Rite Way is engrained in our processes – they include treating people like family and doing the right thing, remaining agile and able to provide options, and always working towards a “YES”.

6. Traction: A cohesive marriage of all six elements, resulting in seamless execution, laser-sharp focus, clear accountabilities, and overall corporate health.

Core Values In Action

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Your core values are the hearty pillars that support your vision, inform your approach to people and processes, and help shape your culture. A company’s values act as the bedrock for why it exists, how it behaves and functions, how decisions are made, and how change is managed.

These four core values are worn by our team inside and out, and are the guiding light in every aspect of the business:

1. Community: We care about people and doing well by them. We prioritize community involvement and filling a space within the initiatives we believe in.

2. Excellence: This is the standard we uphold in everything we do; everything from the friendly voices answering the phones, the quality of the design and workmanship in our modifications, and the flexibility and ease thanks to our dispatch and service.

3. Agility: We move at the speed of business. Agility is what allows us to jump into action and provide on-site relief to restoration companies after a disaster, for example.

4. Cowboy Grit: Whether it’s a tricky or remote delivery location, or a really outside-the-box modification, we work hard and do whatever it takes to get things done well, on time and on budget.

Your “Why” – Telling Your Brand Story Through Your Values

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Regardless of which industry you’re in, or the service or product you offer, your “why” is the heartbeat of your business. Have you taken stock in your brand’s pulse and what separates you from the pack? What journey led to the creation of your vision and business? What values were solidified along the way?

Secure-Rite recently launched the Life Fits Here™ video trailer, a story that spans sixteen years in business and chronicles the journey of entrepreneurship, sacrifice, a love for people, and a need to create something larger than an individual.

Our vision isn’t just about containers, it is about serving others through movable space and bringing them closer to fulfilling their dream or need – whether that means creating a functional space for the businesses that fuel our country and communities, giving the gift of space to people in need or to charitable initiatives, or fitting all of the moving parts of life’s transitions into a safe space. As a family-owned local business, Secure-Rite felt it was important to step into our story and share the people, core values, purpose, and vision beyond the container – our “why”.

As life has taught all of us, the only thing that never changes is that everything can change, so no matter what scenario leaves you needing space in between it all – Life Fits Here.™

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