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PHOTOS: Bizarre sights on the frozen south shoreline of Okanagan Lake

Is it the dreaded Polar Vortex or just a severe Arctic low? Whatever it is, most just want it to go away. Enough of the frigid temps already. Bring on spring!

At the south end of Okanagan Lake, meanwhile, things are just getting weird.

The surface of the lake has been freezing, but that's not the real exciting part.

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

In the windy weather of the past few days, the resulting waves have been freezing too. And bit by bit, those frozen-in-time waves have been growing ever larger as more water laps over top.

But there's more. The spray from those waves has frozen too. So virtually everything the spray touches is now coated in a thick icy crust. Plants, boulders, pylons, pier supports, signposts - you name it - it's wrapped up in ice.

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

Currently, Okanagan Lake Beach is a wonderland of strange shapes and formations, some made up only of frozen lake water and others comprised of water and whatever it's contacted along the way.

If you haven't had a chance to see it, you still have a few days.

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

<who> Photo credit: Gord Goble

Environment Canada says the South Okanagan won't climb above the freezing mark for another week.

At which point, we'll all be crying out for a return to seasonal norms and that first true taste of the warmer temperatures ahead.

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