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Transforming Okanagan homes and businesses with solar

This series is sponsored by Integrated Solar Solutions, a Kelowna-based company.

Jeremy Levy, of Integrated Solar Solutions, shares insights and successes from his solar projects across the Okanagan in this interview with KelownaNow. The conversation, filled with practical advice and detailed project descriptions, highlights the transformative power of solar energy in both residential and commercial settings.

Levy's expertise and dedication to quality installations are apparent. He begins by discussing a notable residential project involving two houses near the local hospital. "These houses have roughly seven kilowatts of solar each," Levy explained. "They’re mirror images of each other with flat roofs, making them ideal for solar installations."

Levy shifts to larger projects, including a significant commercial installation. "This one is a 54-kilowatt system with 108 panels," he shares. The system powers an oil and gas company’s facility, utilizing every square inch of available roof space. "It’s not even going to get to 100 percent of the usage, maybe 75 percent," he added, underscoring the high energy demands of some commercial operations.

Challenging installations are part of Levy's portfolio. One such project involved building a road through steep, rocky terrain to reach the site. "We had to build a road from the main driveway up to the solar site," Levy said. Despite the difficulties, the result was a highly efficient 16-kilowatt system powering a remote home.

Levy also highlights the financial benefits and incentives available for both residential and commercial solar installations. "The federal government is incentivizing commercial business owners with a 30 percent investment tax credit," he explained. Residential customers can also take advantage of a 10-year, zero-interest loan of up to $40,000. "It’s basically trading your power bill for a solar payment bill," Levy said, making the transition to solar financially viable for many homeowners.

The impact of solar energy on the community is significant, and Levy sees a bright future for solar in the Okanagan. "We’re 95 percent referral-based," he shares, indicating strong word-of-mouth support from satisfied customers. As more homes and businesses adopt solar solutions, clusters of solar-powered neighbourhoods are emerging.

Levy encourages anyone interested in exploring solar options to reach out for a free assessment. "The first step is to see if it’s viable," he advises.
With Integrated Solar Solutions' expertise and the array of incentives available, now is an excellent time for Okanagan residents to consider making the switch to solar energy.

Jeremy Levy’s insights and enthusiasm for solar energy shine through in every project he undertakes. His commitment to quality, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction makes Integrated Solar Solutions a trusted name in the industry, driving the solar revolution forward in the Okanagan.

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