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VIDEO: One of Kelowna City Council's harshest critics seeks a spot at the table

"They used to call me 'that Susan person'," said Susan Ames. "That's me."

She's okay with her role as a 'thorn in the side' of the existing council.

And now she wants to be a part of it.

"I've spent a lot of time at council the last four years," she told KelownaNow, "with different issues."

As president of the Kelowna South Central Association of Neighbourhoods, she's become a regular feature when building projects get contentious.

"Hopefully if we get a whole new council that's full of energy and new ideas," Ames said. "We can all work together as a team and get some things done."

She's interested in seeing Kelowna develop in ways that are both socially and environmentally sustainable.

"I have a strong background in environmental science and sustainability," she added.

With the cost of housing at crisis levels, there is pressure for the city to approve projects simply to increase the supply side of the equation, but Ames said it has to be tempered.

"You may be building buildings for buidings' sake, but you're not building the right kind of housing," she said.

"Families don't want to be put up on the 34th floor."

Ames believes there are ways to build more housing that might not have stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, but is suitable and affordable.

"Think about the families, and people and children," she said. "Where are they going to play?"

Ames has a vision for a greener, gentler, happier city.

"We need to have the vision to make this work for everybody," she said.

Susan Ames slogan is Ames for Change.

To check out all of the candidates, visit KelownaVotes 2022.

Election day is Oct. 15.

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