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VIDEO: Veteran Kelowna TV newsman runs for a seat on council

You probably know him as the guy who delivered the evening news for decades.

Three years after he gave up the anchor's chair at Global News in Kelowna, Rick Webber hopes to pull up a chair in city council chambers.

Webber is interested in the issue of public safety.

It's front of mind for him after being accosted twice in the city over the past year.

On one occasion a man came at him with a knife outside his condo building.

"One man is charged as a result of one of these incidents," said Webber. "I don't feel as safe here anymore as I used to."

Webber points out a recent survey suggested 25% of Kelowna residents said they had been a victim of crime over the past year.

So he fully endorses council's attempt to hire more police officers.

"And it's tough to recruit them," he acknowledges. "A lot of them don't want to live here anymore because it's so expensive."

Still, he believes council can't solve these problems alone.

"You really have to sit down and negotiate hard with other levels of government, said Webber.

As for development, he said there's a lot of pressure on council members.

"This is the fastest growing city and they're dealing with development issues and decisions that some municipalities only have to face once a year," said Webber.

"Council here is doing it practically every week."

He said he's not opposed to high-rises in the city, but he said there needs to be a plan for council to follow as the proposals come forward.

"You can't just keep building them willy nilly," he added, "and I've been watching council and they are being approved willy nilly."

Tough questions need to be asked, said Webber.

"I think I can do all that, based on all those years that I was a journalist."

To check out all of the candidates, visit KelownaVotes 2022.

Voting day is October 15.

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