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OC College pitcher attracts the attention of numerous scouts from Twitter pitching video

A Twitter video of an Okanagan College pitcher launching a fastball has caught the eye of numerous big league teams across Canada and the U.S., and they’re interested.

Trevor Brigden was the focus of a Twitter video posted by Jared Johnson, the assistant coach of the Okanagan College Coyotes, that showed him sending a rocket through the bullpen at 94 miles-per-hour (approximately 151 km/h).

Since the video’s posting on Jan. 12, numerous scouts have reached out to Brigden and the Coyotes coaching staff, and have expressed interest in the 23-year-old, Toronto native.

Brigden is entering his third year as a pitcher wearing the Coyote jersey, and it will be his first year as a starter for the team.

Along with the Coyotes, Brigden took a summer with the Kelowna Falcons, one of the experiences –– alongside his years with the Coyotes –– that he says has accelerated his gameplay to where he is now.

"The Falcons was a real learning experience getting to face some high-calibre hitters, I had to change my approach from the Canadian College League," Brigden said.

"The Coyotes helped me out quite a bit with pitching, and the pitching coach there is fantastic so he has really progressed me quite a bit over these past couple years," said Brigden, adding that the Coyotes driveline throwing program (which uses a weighted ball) has increased his pitching velocity.

<who>Photo Credit: Christian J. Stewart Photography</who><who>Photo Credit: Christian J. Stewart Photography</who>

Brigden’s 94 mph pitch, though not uncharacteristic in recent weeks, was a milestone he had only reached once in his previous year at the mound. Brigden says he has been consistently throwing in the mid to low 90’s this time around.

Since the video released in early January, Brigden says he has had scouts from the Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox reach out to him via social media and contact the Coyotes Coaching Staff directly.

"There's a couple people who are interested, so it's a matter of throwing bullpens for these scouts and lining dates up for them to see me throw live," Brigden said, adding he didn’t feel nervous for the opportunity, just very excited.

"It's a good feeling when they contact you, it's a lot of hard work we put in as a team."

Brigden said he is hoping to add a little more velocity to his pitch before he takes the starting position on the mound, and starts showing off his catapult for the scouts.

But, Brigden added that he's not too picky in terms of which team wants to throw a jersey on him, stating that he is stoked to get an offer from anywhere.

"Any team that's willing to pick me up, I'm willing to play for them . . . just getting an offer is good enough for me."

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